Available Boxer Puppy

"val" from our July 2019 litter is available to the perfect home.  Limited registration, murmur free, DM carrier, happy in her own skin and super outgoing.  Contact Kat at 724-562-5776 (leave a message) or katmedved80@gmail.com 


I am FINALLY able to access everything i need to update the website, please watch for the latest news!!! :) 

Website updates

We are having some computer issues, and are unable to upload any pictures at this time...  Please check @FairviewBoxers for updated pictures of the 2019 litter and our other Fairview Boxers.

Litter 2019

Miram - Minstrel’s Left of Center at Fairview gave birth in the middle of the night last weekend to 6 healthy happy little Boxer smooshes.  We are so happy with the litter, and with how great of a mom Miram is.  Proud Papa is GCH. Pheasant Hollow’s The Real Deal Capone.  Watch for puppy updates weekly, and what is happening with these little ones..

Fairview Litter Due

Please see out litter page for information regarding our upcoming litter in 2019.  We are very excited at the prospects from this litter.

Check back frequently for updates. 

Litter planned for Summer 2019

Check back frequently for updates regarding a planned litter at Fairview.  The first litter since 2012.... :)

Miram Passed her Echo report

Miram passed her echo report by board certified cardiologist Eva Sikorska, DVM at the Allegheny Boxer Club on 5.27.2018.

ABC 2018

The American Boxer Club National 2018 is in the book.  We are back home, and the dogs are all happy for their week of luxury and fun! 

Fairview Boxers comes home as a new ABC member, a co-owner of the FIRST 4-6 Month puppy class BOB winner OWNER HANDLED, and clear Echo for Del, and the knowledge of how VERY incredible their Boxer friends are! 

We are so blessed to be surrounded by such magnificent Boxer people, and in our eyes we have the Best Boxer family!

Official pictures of the Parade of Champions and the 4-6 month puppy class will be posted when we receive them.  Candids will be posted today! :)

New addition

Fairview Boxers wants to welcome "Lucy" Quinney's Captivating Chaos v. Fairview to Pa from Texas.  Lucy will be living full time with my wonderful friend and partner in Boxer crime,  Denise.  We are thrilled to have Lucy in our lives and can't wait to get her out to show her!!!!

February Shows

Miram Minstrel's Left of Center at Fairview and Del Salgray N Lemko's Like a Stone will be at the West Friendship, MD shows on 2/17 and 2/18.... come out and say "Hello".


Show schedule


Allentown, Pa 12.16 & 12.17   Ozzy and Del

W.Friendship, MD 2.17 & 2.18   Del

Morgantown, WV  4.26, 4.27, 4.28, and 4.29

ABC- Indianapolis, IN  5.5, 5.6, 5.7,5.8  Ozzy (Veterans), Del (futurity and regular classes), and several of Ozzy's progeny in futurity and regular classes. :)

New Castle, Pa  5.

Holter Results 2017

ALL of the Fairview Boxer Gang got their holter reports back... ALL 4 are clear for 2017.... 

We cannot be more thrilled with our Boxer health results, and we are exceptionally grateful to all of the breeders that have helped us over the years to have the lines that we have and the knowledge that we have to continue to improve our wonderful breed!!!!

New Health testing results

Aggies 10 year holter is back, please see her page. 


Watch for all of the in house Fairview Boxers updated holter reports to be posted over the next month.

Updated pictures

Salgray N Lemko's Like a Stone has a few updated pictures to see.... :)

Watch for show updates soon!

Available Puppies

Branwen Boxers has available puppies.  ALL puppies are DM clear and heart murmur free (by auscultation). 

Male to an approved show home

Male to a pet home

Female to a show/pet home.

You can find Heather Trumpower on Facebook or I can get you in contact with her regarding these puppies... :)

Another NEW addition at Fairview

A bit late on updating our newletter, Salgray N Lemko's Like a Stone "Del" has come to us from a long time friend Jess Kozel of Lemko Boxers and a new found friend and legenedary kennel Salgray Boxers Jane Hamilburg-Guy both of Massachusetts. 

Del is linebred on a UK import we attempted multiple times to breed a puppy from GCH. Faerdorn Dust Buster, CGC Harley....

We are so grateful to Jess and Jane for allowing Mr. Del to come to Pa.... and we are very hopeful on showing him in the next coming months!

Ozzy is going to be a Dad, again.....

Due 7/13/2017

Branwen Boxers


Ozzy is now a Dad

CH. Fairview's Crazy Train "Ozzy"


Ch. Britlyn's Game On, CAA "Onyx"


BORN:  June 3rd, 2017

in 4.5 hours (record time ;)...)

10 Babies..... Please watch for updates!!!!  Puppies are located in Greensboro, NC!

Ozzy health report update

PennHIP clear 2017

Ozzy Litter 2017

Confirmed Via Ultrasound Ozzy is going to be a sire in 2017. 

Britlyn Boxers of Greensboro, NC Litter 2017

Boxer Nationals

May 6th through May 12th, we will be at Boxer Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We are looking forward to a fun filled week with good friends and of course amazing Boxers.....

I hope you can join us!

Exciting things happening @ Fairview Boxers

Miram started into the show ring this past weekend she will be showing in at least one more show this month and at ABC nationals in pre shows, futurity, and regular classes.....

Ozzy has some wonderful things happening, please check back for frequent updates.... :)


Watch our newsletter for upcoming shows and other additions.... Some wonderful happenings are going on at Fairview Boxers!!!!!


Minstrel\'s Left of Center at Fairview \"Miram\"

We finally made it home after a very long day and night of traveling from Victoria, Tx to Irving, Tx to Pittsburgh, Pa to Masontown, Pa....  She is happily settled and snuggly in Masontown, Pa....  watch for frequent updates and pictures!!!!  We are beyond thrilled to have this little lady here!!! :)

November 2016

Fairview Boxers is so incredible pleased to announce that we are bringing a new Boxer baby into our home.   She hails from Victoria, Tx and the incredible home of Quinney's Boxers and Celena Quinney and her family.  She will be making her grand appearance in Pennsylvania on Friday November 18th. 

This litter girl is quite special, as her pedigree has all but one area of pedigree that Fairview Boxers has bred/owned/or whelped in their home.  "Cinder" will be known as Minstrel's Left of Center at Fairview, and co-owned with my incredible friend Katherine Nevius of Minstrel Boxers.  "Cinder" who  may be called Miram when she comes to Pa, is futurity nominated and will hopefully make her presence known at ABC nationals in May 2017.....

We are hoping to make Cinder our first OH champion at Fairview.... Keep checking in for pictures and updates!!! :)

Ozzy is expanding his abilities.

Ozzy has a few potential breedings slated, with some lovely ladies.  Keep checking back to see these beautiful ladies and for contact information about potentially available puppies from the breeders.

Aggie\'s age 9 Holter

Aggie - Global let it be at Fairview is cleared again.  By ACVIM board certified cardiologist Dr. Sammarco  12 single VPC's.  Aggie will be 9 years old on 7-7-16.... 

American Boxer Club Nationals

Ch. Fairviews Crazy Train "Ozzy", makes it through every cut to the final countdown.... with the incredible handling of Dan Buchwald.  "Ozzy" may have made history today, being the first natural eared Boxer to make it to the final cut over BIS winning Boxers.  This owner/breeder is exceptionally proud, honored, and grateful for this experience.  Along with grateful to my incredible friends that have helped me in so many ways to this incredible experience.

Mountaineer Kennel Club

Ch. Fairviews Crazy Train takes BOB as the first time in the breed ring under J. Sharol Candace Way with Dan Buchwald handling.

OZZY is NOW: AKC CH. Fairviews Crazy Train

Ozzy-Fairviews Crazy Train finishes his AKC Championship under J. John Reeve-Newson, handled by Dan Buchwald.  Ozzy is not only our first Champion, but our first HOMEBRED Champion.....

Mountaineer Kennel Club

Ozzy - Fairviews Crazy Train takes another single for a total of 14 points, with all majors. Expertly handled by Dan Buchwald, under J. Mr. Olvis. 


Ozzy took another point today owner handled under J. Joan Anselm.  Pictures to follow.  Two more points to go!!!! :)

Ozzy Point progression

1/22/15 @ Annaplois Kennel Club under Judge Rita Biddle, Esq.;Ozzy took WD under the superb handling of Dan Buchwald for 1 point and BW under my handling in breed.  Unfortunately due to the upcoming Blizzard the remainder of he show was cancelled, so hopefully we can get this boy finished in the next  month or two!!! :)

11/29/15 NEMKC


Another point earned by Ozzy Fairviews Crazy Train under J. Sonny Ambrosio handled by Dan Buchwald....  4 more points to go!!!!

11/28/15 @ Chesapeake Kennel Club of Maryland

Under J. Polly D. Smith, Ozzy took WD/BOW for another 2 points.  Handled by Dan Buchwald.

November 8, 2015

Fairviews Crazy Train "Ozzy" goes WD for a four point major under J. Terry Stacy, with Dan Buchwald on the lead.  Very nice competition in the ring, and the only natural eared boxer there....  "Ozzy" now has his two major complete and needs 7 singles to finish....

Show News

Ozzy takes a 3pt reserve today at the National Capital Kennel Club in W. Friendship, Md, under J.  Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine.  Handled by Allison Jones of Pheasant Hollow Boxers.  Thank you Judge Beisel-McIlwaine and Allison....

Ozzy - Fairviews Crazy Train

on 4/19/2015 Ozzy Fairviews Crazy Train received his first 4 point MAJOR under Judge Howard Engel.  Handled superbly by Allison Jones from Pheasanthollow Boxers.  These are not only his first points, but they are my first major points.  I am exceptionally pleased and proud of this handsome boy!  I cannot wait to see what the next few months bring us!!!

Health testing update

Ozzy and Nana both have some updated health information posted.  Watch Ozzy's page frequently as he will be finishing up his health testing over the next few months.  

Fairview\'s Crazy Train \"Ozzy\"

"Oz" is actively showing in the breed ring. The fawn open class to be specific under the lead of Ashley Wynieski.  Please watch for our "al natural" boy on the eastern side of the US.  

"Oz" hasn't been in the ring for over a year, so we are excited to see how he does with Ashley.  

Goodell, MI  "Ozzy" takes reserve to two points on 9/13/2014.

Baywood Boxer Babies 2014

I have the general pleasure of helping whelp and raise a litter of Boxer babies with Justin of Baywood Boxers.  Sire AKC Ch. Brandiwine if by Chance at Minstrel   Dam Russian import Almadinaks Regina Dorado due March 25, 2014.  

I am VERY excited to help out and raise these babies in my home.  I cannot wait to see what comes!!!!!!!

ABC Regionals

Ozzy Fairview's Crazy Train attended ABC's Regional in Gettysburg, Pa this year.  One of three natural eared Boxer babies to show the three days we were there.  Ozzy made the cut his first day and placed third his second day out.  He is growing nicely and we should be having a great time in this next year in the show ring! Watch for pictures coming soon!!!!


Due to graduating nursing school, I was yet again unable to attend ABC... HOWEVER, Ozzy was able to go due to some WONDERFUL people that helped me out!!! :)

Ozzy took 2nd place in his futurity class...... WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :)

Available Boxers

I have a friend that unfortunately is forced to place a few of her beloved Boxers.  She must have Surgery and is unable to keep all of her Boxers. 

www.Rodelaboxers.com in South Bend, Indiana is looking for quality homes for a one year old pet female Boxer and a one year old future hopeful Boxer girl, along with a plain brindle girl from a recent litter.  If you are looking for a well bred Boxer from a caring Boxer breeder, please contact Deena at Rodelaboxers@aol.com


Puppies 8 Weeks
The puppies are at 8 weeks now, we have made our choices of which are staying and which can move on to their new homes.  Ozzy - Fairviews Crazy Train will be staying on for our next show dog, as a natural eared boy.  Annie (previously Adele) has made a small spot in the home of Kti Jensen of Global Boxers and Katherine Nevius of Minstrel Boxers for a future show girl.  Zepp (previously Foo) will be moving to the Baltimore area with the Rhoades family.  Stay tuned to see where the remaining three babies will make their home!
June 2012

We are coming to the time every breeder dreads, the dispersement of our babies.  Before that unfortunate (for me) time, we will be traveling to Bowie, MD to Dr. Luis BRaz-Ruivo for auscultation of each of the babies. 

We have some very high hopes for this litter, and are increasingly pleased with how they are growing!  I look forward to watching these little ones mature into part of the future of our breed!

With the excellent status of negative for Degenerative Myelopathy by parentage, we are quite pleased with the beginning of a hopeful healthy line for myself!  I look forward to many years of happiness within this breed, and hope that my direction can gain better longevity and health within our breed. 

My goal is to produce typey, long lived Boxers for the show, performance, and couch rings :)... Please continue to join me on my travels with this wonderful breed!

May 2012
We have welcomed a litter of 6 into our home on April 16, 2012.  4 health boys and 2 healthy girls blessed our Aggie, and are continuously giving us daily happiness being here!!!  Check out our future page for more information!
Spring Fever

With the mildest winter I have known behind me, I am thankfully welcoming what I look to be one of the most positive Spring/ Summers I have had in a while. 

Aggie is expecting her first litter, sired by Ch. Brandiwine If by Chance at Minstrel "Braden", due April 17th, 2012. Confirmed via ultrasound on 3/21/2012.  We are extremely excited about this breeding and upcoming litter, we have high hopes of having a little fawn puppy to show at National in 2012.  Please check back for updates and pictures of our bundle of Boxer squishes in April!

"Corky" Cinema's Sparkling Diamond v. Benfelds
We lost Corky this week.  Her stomach cancer took her on Feb. 2, 2012.  She will be wholeheartedly missed daily.  We know she is keeping everyone in line across the rainbow bridge.
Happenings at Fairview

I am in my frist year of nursing school, working hard to become an RN.  I am planning a home bred litter for Aggie for Winter of 2012.  Come back frequently to find out more information.